All data collected on our site is for exclusive use of Carpe Durorum in processing orders or the newsletter disclosure when such registration was made.

They will not be provided or transmitted data to third parties on the data recorded on the site Carpe Duorum.

All users registered on the site have the right to consultation, modification or removal of the recorded data, simply by accessing the “Customer Area” and change and / or update the data you want.

By registering on the site Carpe Duorum and to place an order, the customer accepts immediately that agree absolutely and unreservedly with the conditions set here and agree that can be contacted by email or by phone by an employee of Carpe Duorum towards to be cleared up any data of an order that has been made, is the incomplete state (order not completed by the customer) or in the state of finished (order finalized and submitted by the customer to Carpe Duorum).